About Us

We have a passion for creating growth
and connection amongst the
Bowen therapy community

The story of how a chef, a teacher, and a gardener set out to work alongside passionate Bowen therapists to help them grow their businesses and in turn, Bowen therapy the world over.

About 5 years ago Chis arrived at Loretta and Matt’s house with a stack of butchers paper.

As like-minded siblings, Chris and Loretta would often talk about their businesses, inspire each other with ways to grow, who to listen to, groups to join or suggestions for learning and change and boy could they banter.

On this day Loretta had invited Chris down to brain storm on his business Geelong Bowen and Remedial Therapies and the many facets of it (when you read his bio below you’ll see what I mean.)

One of the things that came out was his desire for a supportive community of Bowen therapist around the world. He is a life long learner and believes in the value of having mentors in life and in business. So he also wanted to create a space where he could support therapists with their business as much as their Bowen skills.

People doing good Bowen in thriving businesses, enabling the spread of Bowen therapy to continue around the world.

He wanted people to be able to see that not only was the Bowen Technique a truely wonderful modality, it was one which you could create a profitable and sustainable business from.

The Bowen Therapist Support Network was one of the first actions out of the meeting.

A community was born that now numbers over 1.8K members.

Following this initial meeting the two would meet, discuss and flesh more out.

Three years ago Matt filled a gap for Chris doing admin, reception before going onto practice management at Geelong Bowen. In one of their business meetings following on from a goal setting meeting with his accountant, the butcher’s paper was pulled out of the briefcase. It was a matter of matching the goals just talked about with the desires on paper and putting them into action.


With Loretta’s guidance, Chris and Matt put together the first 5 Day Kick Start. A free challenge for Bowen therapists to grow their confidence and presence on Facebook.

Growth and Connection are a couple of our core values and we believe when we learn in a supportive group environment anything is possible.

We have delivered a number of Kickstarts which usually are a precursor to the Business of Bowen Blueprint our flagship 6-week business confidence-building program. This was all before the advent of Covid and the necessity to be online.

At the start of 2020, the team rearranged the deck chairs a little with Loretta taking on the practice manager role while Matt was recovering from a severe back injury and completing training as a Bowen therapist.

In time we had people who would get to the end of Blueprint and wonder what next, they loved the support, the learning, working alongside other Bowen therapists and they didn’t want it to stop at the end of 6 weeks.  So the team returned to the butcher’s paper and the basics were there from the original meeting between Chris and Loretta, the Business of Bowen Membership was waiting for us to be ready.

BoB for short the membership is a space where Bowen therapists, can connect and continue to develop all the skills (Voice, Head, Heart, and Hands – the 4 Pillars of BoB) needed to run successful and sustainable Bowen therapy practice. 

With Covid seeing the cancellation of training and conferences the world over the team’s next move may well be their boldest.

The International Online Conference – Reach Out 2021.

When Chris floated the idea in regular catch up between the three, Loretta posed the question if you could have anyone in the world speak to all of the Bowen therapists who attend who would it be?

Because if there is one thing the team all agree on its talking about what might be possible.

So which is the chef, the teacher and the gardener?

You’ll have to read on to find out or better yet join them when they open the doors to blueprint or the membership soon.

It’s a place to get Bowen information, business guidance & technical help, from the BoB team,
2 are Bowen Therapists, 1 is also a bit of a tech wiz, 1 a Bowen teacher as well and the other is a great business coach, with a wicked sense of humour.
It’s a place where we all come together to support each other. If we need business help we get it, if we need a challenge to get our butts into gear we get it.
No question is deemed stupid and no one is made to feel stupid for asking.

Meet The Team

Therapists, Mentors and Coaches
with over 30 years of experience in small business and customer service

Chris Reed

Co-Founder and owner

Loretta Hart

Co-Founder and owner

Matt Hart

Co-Founder and owner