Business of Bowen

Grow your business and connect with other Bowen therapists that you are part of a committed community who are as excited about Bowen and business as you are

You are a Bowen therapist,

just qualified or well established

and you are looking to grow your practice

to the next level.

You’ve completed your study

But you feel isolated in your community as there aren’t many people who get what you do

You read and take courses on how to grow your business

But there are so many differing opinions and so much to do it’s just overwhelming

You believe in Bowen

But at times without a safe and trusted place to ask questions and seek help you can begin to doubt yourself.

Here’s the thing…

You do what you do because you know the power of Bowen,

and that you can help people in so many ways.

You, like many, began your practice to help and serve,

but it can be lonely and the business side of things can leave you with too much to do in a single day.

You are ready to connect more fully with a Bowen community and grow your business at a sustainable pace that suits your life right now.


One treatment a month pays for your membershp

and access to this supportive community

"When I began BoB back in August 2020, I was seeing 4 clients a week.
I was so excited when I hit 9 a week in January, and now in May I'm seeing 25 on average.

I'm forever grateful to Loretta, Matt and Chris for helping me realise my dream, in less than a year!

I now get to practise this technique - Mr Bowen's gift, every day.
I feel proud and humbled to be sharing Bowen Therapy in my part of the world."


Business Of Bowen Membership (BoB) is for...
Bowen therapists who are:
  • Passionate about sharing the amazing gifts of Bowen therapy with their community,
  • On a mission to help reduce pain and improve people’s lives,
  • Open to new opportunities and have a love of learning.

You are invited to Join us...

The BoB membership is an ongoing monthly experience,

a bit like your Netflix subscription, Hello Fresh food box, newspaper delivery, or Spotify account.


You can choose to subscribe with a monthly or annual fee (the annual subscription attracts a discount) and you can cancel at any time that suits you.

Unlike Netflix we only open the doors and welcome new members a few times a year, this is one of them. 

If you want to join BoB then jump in today.

In the Business of Bowen we focus on the four pillars of your business and provide trainings, tips, advice and support

to help you take the next step.


BoB Membership



This is marketing, attraction of new clients and how you present yourself to the world


This is your why, the foundation of your business, including your values and mission so you continually have your guiding principles if things get rocky


This refers to the systems and strategies you employ in your business


This is your work with your client, your knowledge and skills are supported in this area

 Our 4 pillars and content relating to each, live in the BoB Hub which members access at their pace.


Business Of Bowen membership includes:

Bowen Lab

Each month we explore another part of the practice of Bowen. We cover assessment, pathologies, anatomy, procedures, and more

Member Spotlight

The spotlight turns on one of you !
We love to highlight one BoBster (Business of Bowen member), each month to share their unique Bowen story. This interview is accessible as a podcast for easy listening and will be available for those who participate to use in their marketing.

BoB Presents

Once a month we will deep dive Into a topic that relates to running a Bowen Business. They can be interviews, How toos, or Q&As. These will then be added to the Units in our facebook group and also live in the Hub with all the saved content so you can access them whenever you need.


A live monthly zoom catch up. These will be where you can bring your current challenges, seek advice from the group or just come long to soak in the collective wisdom. Each roundtable will be around 60 minutes .

Private FB Community

The place you can find a listening ear, supportive words, inspirational post or clarifying feedback. We are all better when we learn and grow together. This members only group is where the team will post updates and keep you informed of what's new.

Business Template Toolkit

Templates to help you grow your business. From new client intake forms, to monthly goal setting planners, to social media content calendars to FB business page check lists. This ever growing toolkit is yours to plunder whenever you need a tool to get the job done - no need to reinvent the wheel people.

Resource Hub

Full access to learnings covering the four key pillars of the Business of Bowen:

  • marketing and engagement

  • business systems

  • business planning

  • clinical knowledge extensions

or as we like to refer to the pillars
  • your voice

  • your head

  • your heart

  • your hands of the business

Discounts on BoB events

Members are offered between 15-25% off the regular price of events and workshops that are run for the greater Bowen community, like the Reach OUt 2021 conference, Written with Hart marketing workshop or the Pelvis online workshop.

Here is what some of our BoBsters
say about the membership:

For me, I feel this is as close as I will come to having a mentor. I am listening and learning all the time. I love listening to the advice from the Q and A sessions. I also loved the live zoom session Loretta did about Facebook pages too. The interview with a member is great as well. I always find that human element interesting with lots of insight into how other people run their businesses.​
Love the group and all the great info and support. Also love the round tables.
I would like to thank Loretta, Chris and Matt for creating the Business of Bowen group. Even though I have been a practioner and instructor for 20 years I have learnt so much since I joined. I really like how well organised everything is, great professional resources are available and regular Roundtable catch ups with other members are always supportive and informative. One of the best things I have found is whenever I have a question I can ask and it is always answered quickly and accurately no matter what the topic is. I would highly recommend joining this group no matter what your level of experience is.
Joining BoB was a no brainer, for me. It’s a place to get Bowen information, business guidance & technical help, from the BoB team, 2 are Bowen Therapists, 1 is also a bit of a tech wiz, 1 a Bowen teacher as well and the other is a great business coach, with a wicked sense of humour. It’s a place where we all come together to support each other. If we need business help we get it, if we need a challenge to get our butts into gear we get it. No question is deemed stupid and no one is made to feel stupid for asking.
I appreciate you guys and this site is what is needed for all things Bowen with all of your areas of expertise. Thankyou​

Are You IN?

Monthly Membership

$ 62 AUD
  • If it's a big fat yes, then all you need to do is fill in the form and decide whether you'll make monthly or annual payments.
  • Yes, an annual payment saves you even more, 12 months for the price of 10.

Frequently asked questions

Am I locked in to a contract?

A: No, the Business of Bowen is a come and stay as long as you like membership.  If it comes that you are ready to leave, we will be sad to see you go but will wish you the best and help you cancel your membership.

I practice a number of modalities, not just Bowen therapy, will the membership suit me?

A: Yes.  Many of our members practice naturopathy, remedial massage, myotherapy, reiki, physiotherapy, and on and on the list goes.  As long as you are interested in connecting and growing alongside us all the membership will suit you.

I’m not really very busy yet in my business and not earning much just yet, I’m not sure I can afford it.

A: You only need to treat one person a month to pay for your membership, and it’s our goal if it’s your goal, to help your increase you turnover so this membership pays for itself.

I don’t have a lot of spare time. Is it worth me joining?

A: We hear you! We don’t have much spare time either.  But here is a question, how long would you spend researching the best way to do x y or z in your practice only to do nothing because there are too many options and it all gets too hard – no-one has time to waste on that – so what if you had a place to find the answer simply or ask the question and get a tailored answer – how much time could that save you?  While you may not be able to get to each Roundtable or watch the Live Q and A. Joining BoB is a time saving device.

Our team

Chris Reed

Owner Geelong Bowen and Remedial Therapies

Adv. Dip. Myotherapy 
Dip. Bowen Therapy 
Bowen Therapy (Instructor)
Founder of BowenBuzz Training 
Producer of the BowenBuzz Podcast
Administrator of the large Facebook group the Bowen Therapists Support Group
Founding co-trustee of the Tom Bowen Legacy Trust Fund

Chris is a 22 year practitioner and owner of Geelong Bowen and Remedial Therapies. A clinic in Tom Bowen’s home town of Geelong, Victoria.

Chris also teaches locally and internationally under the Bowtech and Bowen Training Australia (BTA) banner taking students though Cert IV and Diploma and SBP2 courses as well as a number of others such as his 2 day course, Bowen the Back and Below and recently offering the first practical online workshop, Pelvic.

Chris values lifelong learning which now sees him currently back at university completing further studies.

He understands the trials and tribulations of running a small business, having progressed from a home based Bowen business to leased premises with 5 staff.

As a former President of the Bowen Association of Australia for 15 years and now chairing the management committee of the Bowen college (BTA) and Chris has been

active in the Australian Bowen community for many years.

This has given him opportunities for regular contact with other practitioners, giving him a valuable insight into what Bowen therapists face every day.

This led to the founding along with Matt and Loretta of the Business of Bowen membership group.

Loretta Hart

Founder of The Happy Chicks Collective

Presentor, Teacher and Mentor

Founder Happy Chicks Collective

Small Business Owner

Supporting Women In Business , Life and Wellness

Loretta is a much sought after coach and presenter.


She helps busy chicks achieve happiness by listening, coaching and inspiring them to create lives they love, whether that’s in their business, life or wellness.


Her online programs, 1 to 1 coaching and memberships have helped hundreds of women get unstuck and create positive change in their lives.


Loretta developed her communication skills from being the youngest of 7 in a noisy household, you had to be clear to cut through.  She then honed these skills as a teacher and then again while running a business in the retail and hospitality industries.  Communication is one of the key components to her success.


Loretta connects with women in each area of her business, whether that’s in Happy Chicks Collective group or with Bowen therapists in Business of Bowen.  She uses her unique mix of straight talking, empathy and fun to help promote change as she shares her stories as a small business owner, thought leader, mother, wife and daughter.


She says, “We connect through stories.” and many of the people she has worked with have grown through connecting with and sharing theirs.

Matt Hart

Owner Matt Hart Bowen Therapy

Dip. Bowen Therapy
Cert IV Disability

Master Practitioner NLP
Co-Founder Business Of Bowen

When not on the beach taking beautiful sunrise photos you can find Matt Hart in Ocean Grove in his own clinic Matt Hart Bowen Therapy or at Geelong Bowen and Remedial Therapies with Chris Reed.

Before being hands-on with Bowen he was the clinic manager at Geelong Bowen and Remedial Therapies(GBRT). So he has a great understanding of clinic management and of the varying roles in a multi-practitioner clinic.

His experience with Bowen prior to that was as a client of Chris’ getting regular treatment in support of his lower back issues that made working in a pervious job very difficult. This was one of the reasons for a change in career that has not only lead to Bowen therapy but other aspects of health and well-being over the last 6 years.

Matt recently undertook a study into the benefits of Bowen therapy for bedwetting with a number of Geelong families and in in the process of writing a paper on his findings which have been largely positive for the participants. he is looking forward to sharing it i more detail very soon.

He has a depth of business knowledge having owned a number of businesses over the last 15 years. From online to bricks and mortar.

His back of house IT skills have not only served his business and GBRT well but also many of the members of the Business of Bowen membership group. Patiently assist them to refine their IT prowess. Assisting them to stay on top of the changing social media landscape.

He has a love of health and wellbeing focusing on The Growing Man, providing support and growth opportunities for Men through 121 in person or online work and at his local Men’s night In group sessions.

He is currently studying the Diploma of Specialised Bowen Therapy.

Are you in??